The First Post

Running feetWelcome to the Exercise Archive and my first post. You may be pleased to know that, in the spirit of practising what I preach, I’m writing this now with chalky hands and achy limbs after a long evening climbing session.

Although I’ve always had a general interest in health and nutrition, the rather rash decision at the end of last year to sign up for Tough Mudder 2014 has seen my exercise regime increase in intensity and variety. Spurred on by the looming prospect of a truly terrifying event, I’ve found myself looking at new and interesting ways to get into shape.

Less than a year ago, although a regular gym bunny, I realised that during my workouts I was going through the motions but not really achieving anything. A casual cross-train, a gentle jog and a wander round the weights left me plateauing and bored. Training for an event was the kick-start I needed to liven up my routine and now I’m constantly looking for new ways to run faster, climb higher, stretch further, dance harder and swim quicker.

As a vegan nutrition has always been of interest and importance to me, but now with all of the health food stores of London at my disposal, I’m experimenting more and more with new ingredients, nutritional plans and delicious recipes, as well as dipping my toe into the world of (vegan) protein shakes.

This blog will act as a repository of all the things relating to health, nutrition and well-being that I’ve gathered during my fitness face-lift, and features not just my own posts but also stories by specialist contributors.
Whether you are looking for a review of the latest running book, a handy lunchtime workout, a new tasty recipe or tips on barefoot running this is the blog for you.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and I welcome all feedback.


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